As a staffing company, Construction Force Inc. provides skilled workers in the numbers and duration you need. You tell us when, where and how many, we will make it happen. Construction Force focuses on your needs by providing capable employees on a timely basis.


As a payroll company, Construction Force recognizes that sometimes you are in the best position to attract top applicants. However, you still need to avoid employment risks and hassles on new hires. When you use Construction Force's payroll service we fulfill all the employment obligations for you. This arrangement works well on a long-term basis or just until you are sure that the new hire is a good fit.


Whether staffing or pay-rolling, Construction Force performs all employment related duties including drug testing, backgrounds, applicant processing, I-9 documentation, and compliance with Affirmative Action, EEOC policies including the American With Disabilities Act, and ACA.


In addition, Construction Force processes all payroll, produces and distributes electronic pay methods, and handles all Federal and State unemployment payments, reporting, and claims as well as FICA/FUTA withholding, reporting and payments. Construction Force also carries workers compensation, general liability and umbrella insurance up to $2 million.