Let’s say that you are a 20-man shop and they’re all busy. You land a contract requiring 10 more men. After 6 months, the jobs finished. You have another contract coming up, but it hasn’t started yet. You can keep the 10 men busy cleaning the shop and fixing things that need to be fixed. You are losing $5,600.00 per week. If this goes on for a month its $24,080.00. Twenty-four thousand dollars, you could have had a brand new truck fully loaded with bins and a ladder rack.


Another option is to lay the 10 men off, but that leads to unemployment benefits and then in a month you’ll be hiring again with all the HR expenses and ads and interviews.

The right option is Construction Force, Inc. We will provide the proper skill levels to man the job, and when you need to, you can down size to job and make the labor units come in.