You get a job out of town. You have a Job Runner, so you have him go to the job and set up a job trailer.


He spends hours and hours laying out and reading blueprints and specs. This is his expertise. Now he needs men to meet his schedule.


Here are some things to consider:


  • Do you want to tie him up with interviews?

  • Are hiring people his specialty?

  • Does he need an ad in the local newspaper?

  • Do you need an HR person to go out and hire for the job?

  • Do you lay-off all the people that you hired when the job is over?

  • How much unemployment tax will that cost?

  • Do you send your employees on the road?

  • How much driving time, Gas, Hotels, and Meals will that cost?


The answer is Construction Force! We can hire your men for you at the skill level you need. We work with the job runner to get the proper skill level mix to meet his labor unit. If he is unhappy with one of our employee’s performance, we will replace them immediately.